Arthritis Research UK
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UK Cruisers Charity of the year

As each new UK Cruisers year begins, the club chooses a registered charity as the beneficiary for its fundraising efforts throughout the year. From 1st March 2018 until 28th February 2019, Arthritis Research UK will receive the monies generated.

Arthritis Research UK

About Arthritis Research UK

Everything we do is driven by knowledge to positively impact on what matters to people with arthritis.

Our long term commitment is to:
prevent the onset of arthritis
• develop a cure for arthritis
transform the lives of those with arthritis.

Too many people live with the pain, isolation and fatigue arthritis causes. This has to stop.

Arthritis Research UK has merged with Arthritis Care so that we can address this huge unmet need and do more for, and with, people with arthritis.

We are combining the strengths of both charities so that together we can do more to:
• Change attitudes towards arthritis so that people with arthritis feel empowered, experience greater understanding and are able to ask for the help and support that they need
• Provide the right information, advice and support to help people live well with arthritis
• Influence government and improve the provision of services so people with arthritis get access to the help and support they need
• Find better treatments and cures.

What does Arthritis Research UK do?

Arthritis Research UK invests in breakthrough treatments, the best information and vital support for everyone affected by arthritis.

We believe that by harnessing the power of exceptional science we can overcome the pain, isolation and fatigue arthritis causes. Our work has already uncovered breakthrough treatments, and were dedicated to uncovering new ideas to help people push back the ways arthritis limits their lives.

Arthritis Research UK: Everyday freedom from the limits of arthritis.

Arthritis Research UK and Arthritis Care have joined together so that we can do more to help people with arthritis to live full and active lives.

How your donations are spent

Arthritis Research UK merged with Arthritis Care on 1st November 2017. We have joined together so that we can do more to help people with arthritis to live full and active lives. Now that we are one organisation, working together to do more for people with arthritis, all donations will go to Arthritis Research UK, Registered Charity Number 207711, SC041156.

Your donations to Arthritis Research UK support vital research programmes that provide answers about the causes of arthritis and result in better treatment for people living with arthritis. Our longer-term research programmes aim to find a cure for all the many forms of arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and arthritis in children. Your donations will be spent on helping people with arthritis to live full and active lives.

Our research committee considers around 400 applications for funding every year. Each application is assessed against our research strategy to ensure that money is being used to provide answers today and tomorrow in the most effective way. Awards can be made for up to five years and progress is expertly monitored by the research committee.

Recent grants awarded by Arthritis Research UK include:
• developing anti-TNF therapy for rheumatoid arthritis beyond existing treatments Identifying the genes linked to the disease in patients with osteoarthritis
• developing longer-lasting and durable prostheses, and researching the causes, effects and treatments of infections in joint replacements Improving the treatment of brittle bone disease in children
• developing tissue engineering techniques in osteoarthritis by using patients' own cartilage Looking at ways of better targeting drug treatment in arthritis in children and teenagers
• examining the role of therapies such as acupuncture and yoga on osteoarthritis and back pain.

For further details, please PM Gonzo U Muppet on the UKC message board or visit the Arthritis Research UKs web site at

Arthritis Research UK is a registered Charity No. 207711, SC041156.

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