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UK Cruisers Club Charity of the year

As each new UK Cruisers year begins, the club chooses a registered charity as the beneficiary for its fundraising efforts throughout the year. From 1st March 2021 until 28th February 2022, Kidney Research UK will receive the monies generated.

Kidney Research UK

About Kidney Research UK

As the largest kidney research charity in the UK, nothing is going to stop us in our urgent mission to end kidney disease. We’re here to be heard, to make a difference, to change the future. This is a disease that ruins and destroys lives. It must be stopped.

Over the past 60 years, our research has made an impact. But kidney failure is rising, as are the factors contributing to it, such as diabetes and obesity.

Kidney disease affects three million people in the UK, treatments can be gruelling and currently there is no cure. Only research will end this and nobody can do it but us.

Our vision is to free lives from the restrictions, fear, anxiety and life limiting nature of kidney disease.

The purpose of Kidney Research UK:

• PREVENT - Prevent kidney disease by finding ways to see it coming, and developing interventions to stop it happening.
• END - End kidney failure by learning how to spot disease early, how to identify and slow down or stop progression, and how to reverse or repair kidney damage.
• TRANSFORM - Transform treatments by making dialysis and transplantation more tolerable and effective, until better alternatives are available.

Leading a transformation in kidney health

Worldwide, around one in 10 people have chronic kidney disease, for which there is no cure. Here in the UK, 20 people develop kidney failure each day, and 64,000 are reliant on dialysis or a transplant to stay alive.

Five people every week die while on the waiting list for a kidney transplant.

Over the past decade some progress has been made in treating kidney disease, but not nearly enough. Kidney disease continues to rise, and history is repeating itself, with successive generations experiencing the same life-limiting health problems and inadequate treatments.

Our Impact

Our actions will help to change the future for people living with and at risk of kidney disease, so that by 2030 there will be:

• Better awareness. More people, particularly those in at risk groups, know how to look after their kidney health.
• Earlier diagnosis. New ways to detect kidney disease earlier so that people get treatment before irreversible damage is done.
• New treatments. New ways to slow disease progress so that kidney patients avoid dialysis or a transplant for longer.
• Better treatments. Technological advances in dialysis, to make it more tolerable and effective.
• Better kidney transplants. Advances that make transplants last longer, reduce the burden of treatment and monitoring, and improve quality of life.
• Kinder monitoring. A new and less invasive alternative to having multiple biopsies to monitor kidney disease.
• Encourage new models of healthcare delivery that improve efficiency and equity of kidney care so everyone in the UK gets the best quality treatment and support they need

How your donations are spent

Of all the money we raise, we invest 80 pence out of every pound directly into our research and awareness work, with 20 pence helping us to raise the next pound to sustain our work into the future.

For further details, please PM Gonzo U Muppet on the UKC message board or visit the Kidney Research UK website at

Kidney Research UK is a UK registered charity (charity number: 252892 in England and Wales, SC039245 in Scotland) and company limited by guarantee (company number 00905963) together with our trading company Kidney Research Enterprises Limited (company number 02932606). Our registered office is: Nene Hall, Lynch Wood Park, Peterborough PE2 6FZ.

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