UK Cruisers Forum guidelines

The UK Cruisers Forum is just one of the many things that our car club offers. Please read the following guidelines before proceeding into the Forum.

The UK Cruisers message board exists for all members to use. The idea is to allow quick and simple communication of ideas and information between members and guests.

Viewing and Posting Restrictions

Anyone can view the "open" forums

Registered Forum users can post in the following areas:
General Chat (non PT)
What's On?
Introduce Yourself
Spotted......was it you?
Test Area

Paid-up UK Cruisers Club members* can read and post in all "Open" and "Member" areas.

Private Forums may only be accessed by Club Organisers.

General Chat (non PT) Posting Restrictions. This Forum is for general chat ONLY. Please do not post items relating to PTs or the UK Cruisers Club. Technical questions should be posted in the relevant Forums.

If you are a paid-up member and do not have access to the member's area, please contact the Membership Secretary and let them know your Forum user name and membership number that appears on your UK Cruisers Club membership card. You will then be given access to the member's area.

Posting Guidelines

Please post your messages in the most relevant forum.

The forums are closely moderated and posts may be moved if they are deemed to be in an incorrect area.

New users on the Internet are sometimes called "newbies". Everybody was a newbie once. It is considered to be good netiquette to share your knowledge and help others who ask questions, thereby passing on some of the knowledge you have gained. Help the newbies as you wish you were helped.

Don't use capitals unnecessarily, it designates shouting, and is considered rude, as in the following: I THINK THE FACTS PROVE THIS POINT. If you want to emphasise a word, use stars or underlines sparingly.

Remember that subtle emotions and meanings do not transmit very well in posts. Satire and humour is particularly hard to transmit, and sometimes comes across as rude and contemptuous. Particularly avoid sarcasm, which rarely communicates well. Similarly, don't over-react to postings you receive. What looks to you like an insulting or mean message may only be an absent minded and poor choice of phrasing, and not meant the way you perceived it.

Be particularly polite when disagreeing with others. Wherever possible, acknowledge good points made, and then respectfully describe the areas where you disagree to produce the most productive conversation.

Flaming is the act of sending someone an outrageously insulting message, usually because you disagree with something they have said. A good flame mixes a razor sharp wit with a devastating put-down so that the other person will only make themselves look silly if they dare disagree.

A flame can sometimes be funny, and may feel good to the sender, but should be resisted whenever possible. A flame can give the impression that you are unable to respond with more reasonable language, and can genuinely hurt the other person. In general, you should take a disagreement with another user off the club message board, and into a civil and personal exchange by email or pm between the two of you, letting others carry on with the discussion. Also, keep in mind the considerable limitations on accurate communication of emotion in a text medium.

The UK Cruisers website and forums encourage family participation and as such the following will not be tolerated:
Posts including images of people in a state of undress (within reason).
Posts that involve adult humour and offensive language in forums other than "Gert's Pub". Parents and Guardians should not allow minors into "Gert's Pub".
Discussions that are deemed to getting out of hand and becoming a 'slanging match'.
Name calling and personal attacks.

The above points will be grounds for:
Closing threads,
Editing or deleting the offending post, and/or suspension of forum access if individuals persist.

If you see a post that you would like to report please inform the Webmaster immediately.

The Club Organisers will be the FINAL judges of whether a post infringes this policy.

The Webmaster can be contacted at
The Membership Secretary can be contacted at

*You can join the UK Cruisers Club by visiting and clicking Membership.

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